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  • We expect we've found the worst book of the year

    There are so diverse things wrong with the new book The MILF Diet by recent Whole Foods chef Jessica Bearer it's difficult to know where to begin. But its name is presumably the most glaring so let's dive in there. The ticket, which actually looks quite

  • On the best weight loss diet for you

    Between the Dukan diet, the Paleo diet and the vegan diet, it's systematic to know which one will work for you. Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton Aiming for a quick weight loss, this diet is a variation on the familiar Atkins diet. It consists of 4 stages

  • James Harrison having short trouble adapting to Bengals

    When it comes to how Harrison will be utilized, that remains a work in get better, which is what OTAs are for. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer compared it to when he had Greg Ellis with the Dallas Cowboys when that .. With Geno Atkins and Michael

  • Unsullied House evades apologizing for IRS scandal

    president is intriguing many steps toward ameliorating the debouchment, including the appointment of a bi-partisan civil Historical coachman to discover who should be held accountable for the IRS's wrongdoings, and that the Off-white House will continue to work to get to

  • Dems recusant against Obama admin's environmental agenda

    Krauthammer: Obama a 'dodge,' 'Wizard of Oz' — 'what he preaches doesn't work' [VIDEO] · Lessons: Kinky sex makes you less neurotic · EPA mandated gambit forces ambulance to shut down on the way to the nursing home. Videos. 10 most badass swimming pools

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    Is this the worst earmark of the year?

    There are so innumerable things wrong with the new book The MILF Diet by preceding Whole Foods chef Jessica Concierge it's difficult to ... you're not slimming down for the objectives of your own health, (nevermind the fact that the two countries in which its being sold ...

    I retrained my understanding and shed 4 stone, Jo Hallam

    My knees weren’t in put with the rest of the bones in my legs and I was in so much pain I could hardly ... the rake over the coals in just 10 minutes a day, altering the way you think about chow. I didn’t believe it would work but at that stage there was nothing ...

    We fantasize we've found the worst book of the year

    Uh-uh, you’re doing it to by the sexual attention of boys who, if we’re going to sign up this term ... It’s better to focus on the pep talks, like this one on their website, ‘If you can't resort to one more day of self-loathing, you're ready to ...

    Rare Eye Cancer Responds to New Analgesic, But What is Uveal Melanoma

    If you have not heard of uveal melanoma, it’s not surprising since this rare eye cancer affects about 5.3 to 10.9 individuals per million ... However, those with metastasis to the lung or bone have an mediocre survival of 19 to 28 months.

    4 Oklahoma events, 3 pilgrimages destinations make good close-to-deeply vacation ideas

    Tornadoes swept across the Midwest overnight, enervating nine and injuring dozens. EMSA says 39 people were transported due to injuries from the bluster. Starting pitcher Tyler Nurdin had a talented outing as OSU won its first game in the NCAA ...

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