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  • Running on empty

    Fitness? Definitely. Bikes? Absolutely. But not diets. And I'm surprised to discover that Meera is "doing" IF. She's one of those no-nonsense women who you'd assume thinks dieting is for bimbos, narcissists and irredeemable fools. She is also built

  • Get creative with a healthy lunchbox

    One major obstacle in your daily diet, however, is eating poor lunches at work. broccoli florets (always cook more vegetables for dinner for leftovers); fruit, for example crunchy apple or pineapple; canned or fresh artichokes or asparagus; or baby

  • Country Cousin

    One fellow says he resolved last year to lose weight and gain stamina by working out at a gym at least three times a week. This year If your resolution involves dieting, and even if it does not, try this delicious soup from the Cabbage Soup Diet

  • Nutrition tip of the week: Forget fad diets — revealing the truth

    Proponents of the diet claim that the drops suppress appetite, making the restricted calorie diet easy to follow, but this has been scientifically tested and proven to be untrue.HCG drops and creams The premise is that the sprinkles “trigger a full

  • This year, Mom's wisdom carries the weight

    We know fad diets come and go, and they go because they don't work. 1 with the thought that some sweeping new diet gesture will change our lives? The cabbage-soup diet. The grapefruit diet (though I suspect I sabotaged it with that vodka). I've

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    Cooking with wine Carolina style

    Other recipes use a lot, such as the 2 cups in sweet potato soup. In most cases, King lists the wine ingredient ... She also learned that dry red wines can work well in desserts, such as her chocolate syrah pudding. “When you taste a bold red, you ...

    National Pie Day: What are you doing to celebrate?

    Pies remained as a core staple of diet of traveling and working peoples in the colder ... They made be small to feed just one person or large enough to feed a crowd. Soup and pie suppers are a popular way for church congregations or other groups to raise ...

    Survey Reveals 24% of Workers in Japan Have Less Than $2.84 to Spend on Lunch

    (44, civil servant) ◆  “I eat more fish than meat and I make sure to keep a balanced diet when preparing ... he can enjoy as much rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, raw egg, seaweed, and fish as he can eat. “I work at HP and they have a campus ...

    Kelly Column: Wintertime resources for vitamin D

    Vitamin D is available through exposure to sunlight and inclusion of vitamin D rich foods in the diet. Preheat oven to 375F ... then adjust the seasoning. Ladle the soup into bowls and serve. (The cannelloni pasta does not require any precooking before ...

    Juicers Invade Kitchen Counters

    Juicing up a big pile of fruits and vegetables is certainly easier than peeling, chopping and preparing them in a soup or a stew. But nutritionists caution it may be healthier to simply add a few more servings to your daily diet. Some nutrients actually ...

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