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Yahoo answers: Is the 'Cabbage soup diet' really good for you?

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    I have done the cabbage soup diet and it was successful for me, however after I stopped the cabbage soup, I gained weight back almost immediately, even though I was still eating healthily and.

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  • Cabbage Soup Diet a time-tested way to loosen the trousers

    Of fad diets that have stood the test of time, the cabbage soup diet is among those hanging in there the longest: since the 1950s, according to, a comprehensive site devoted to healthy weight loss, exercise and light cooking. The name of the

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    Cabbage Soup Diet. This seven-day diet is touted to help you lose weight fast for a special event or to kick off a more moderate plan. It centres around an unlimited amount of homemade vegetable soup, which is eaten with select foods over the next week

  • Lose extra pounds in a bowl of soup

    Every 10 or 15 years a new version dazzles wannabe weight losers with promises that are more attractive than the average diet plan. The soup diet published in the January issue of Woman's World proclaims a loss of 10 pounds in a week by eating a soup

  • Diets Through History: The Good, The Bad And The Bizarre

    Diet -- a.k.a. the Hollywood Diet -- is born. The popular low-cal plan calls for eating grapefruit with every meal. 1950s. The Cabbage Soup Diet promises you can lose 10-15 pounds in a week by eating a limited diet including cabbage soup every day.

  • Get creative with a healthy lunchbox

    One major obstacle in your daily diet, however, is eating poor lunches at work. Lunch is the second most important meal after breakfast, as it is essential in generating your energy levels through regulating your blood glucose levels throughout the

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    Vitamin D is available through exposure to sunlight and inclusion of vitamin D rich foods in the diet. Preheat ... Prepare the vegetables: (a food processor will make this step easier) thinly slice the onions; finely chop the cabbage; shred the carrots.

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