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    You have not indicated which ship you will be traveling on. Here is a sample from the Royal Caribbean's Serenade Of The Seas.

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    Gegen „Dellen, Falten, Narben und Cellulite“ setzt sie die Radiofrequenz-Behandlung ein: Die Anti-Aging-Innovation verringert mit Hilfe des „tech4beauty Radio1 Systems“ schrittweise die Faltentiefe und strafft die Haut auf natürliche Weise. Optimal
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    From Angelina's skin smoother to Brad's bingo-wing buster, can you trust these DIY (that's Deliver Instant Youth) gadgets?

    Clinical trials have shown it to be efficient in treatment ... Galvanic – or electric – current is used to massage active ingredients into the skin. Works in conjunction with serums containing the ageLOC ingredient on face and body to reduce cellulite ...
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