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Yahoo answers: Are there female libido enhancers at one's fingertips for purchase in stores?

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    MacaSure is a label I've taken. It is good. It is a root vegetable grown important in the Peruvian Andes. Yes, Maca is good for both genders.

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  • Maca, The Unsophistical Viagra Of The Incas

    The South American root has been shown to raise energy for athletes, increase fertility for women, and improve a man's sex drive. Maca power - (Shifted*Revelation) By Marina Gambier CLARIN/. LIMA - The
    Source: http://www.worldcrunch.com/food-travel/maca-the-natural-viagra-of-the-incas/peru-ginseng-lepidum-peruvianm-roots/c6s11185/

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