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  • Juice could be key to healthier diet

    "Juicing is a great way to introduce more servings of fruit and vegetables into your daily diet," Arthur said. "Juices are fun to make and cheaper than buying premade commercial juice products. And you can experiment with different fruits and

  • Fruits Plus Vegetables Equals Happiness?

    Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables seems to boost life satisfaction, mental well-being, and happiness, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed the diet habits of 80,000 men and women in Britain. The more fruits and vegetables they ate, the

  • Fruit and veg aids kidney recovery

    . A study has shown that adding extra fruit and vegetable to the diet of patients recovering from kidney disease may speed up the route to recovery. Alkaline therapy is used to treat CKD patients with severe metabolic

  • Adult Picky Eater Will Only Consume Three Kinds of Food

    She has never eaten a piece of fruit or tried a green vegetable. For as long as she can remember, her daily diet has consisted primarily of three kinds of foods: milk (and ice cream); white breads (including crackers, tortillas and pancakes); and

  • Nutritionist to discuss cancer-fighting diet in Ventura

    "The strongest evidence for the effect of diet on cancer is for the major components of diet. Diets high in meat and processed meat, low in fruits and vegetables and diets with excessive amounts of fats and sugars that lead to obesity, are the diets

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    Can foods affect colon cancer survival?

    I think people should focus on a well-balanced diet” and substitute foods associated with ... like brown rice, many vegetables, unrefined grains and legumes, have a lower index value. Another barometer, however, is the glycemic load, which ...

    Two apples a day 'keeps heart doctor away'

    Nevertheless the study supports the general health message that a balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables, a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, are the best ways to stay healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease.      

    Diet may help beat the blues

    Participants who have been diagnosed with depression will follow a Mediterranean diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish and legumes and low in processed foods, sugar, salt and saturated fats. Previous studies have shown a link between the healthy diet and a ...

    'High cholesterol genes' discovered

    We do not currently have the ability to alter our genes. What we can do to reduce our risk of cardiovascular diseases is to eat a healthy balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables, take regular exercise, stop smoking and drink alcohol in moderation.

    Depression trial to test the truth of happy meals

    Participants who have been diagnosed with clinical depression will follow a Mediterranean diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish and legumes, and low in processed foods, sugar, salt and saturated fat. Previous studies have shown a link between a healthy ...

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