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  • NeNe, Bethenny and beyond: Books by Bravo's 'Tangible Housewives'

    The latest women to vault on the book bandwagon are Brandi Glanville from Beverly Hills, architect of the New York Times best seller Drinking and Tweeting, and Caroline Manzo of New Jersey reputation, who has just published Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a

  • Kim Kardashian's Elevated Calorie Diet Is Revealed!

    Then when she was at the Italian restaurant Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills two times, a provenance revealed that the mom-to-be ate a 1,300 calorie creamy mushroom risotto dish twice and "also ate bread with olive oil, and the alternate time she came in she also

  • Kate Hudson On Her Rocker Manage And Not Believing In Diets

    70th Annual Advantageous Globe Awards - Arrivals. BEVERLY HILLS , CA - JANUARY 13: Actress Kate Hudson arrives at the 70th Annual Gilt Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Inn on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason

  • Internal Paper Removal Diet Could Be Next Big Thing

    The new diet was leaped on by overweight stars like Roseanne Barr, Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'donnell who have sung its praises. "I was entranced to a medical facility in Beverly Hills where they removed my gallbladder, one kidney, one lung, and had my

  • Yolanda Take care of keeps up with daughter daughter Gigi Hadid in the opulence stakes

    She advised her daughter to go on a diet terminating year in order to compete with the models getting toil in Europe. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' leading man Yolanda Foster stepped out with her child Gigi Hadid in New York Burg on Tuesday. Gigi – who she

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    Why are so multifarious men losing their sex drive? Men are now more likely to refuse sex than women - and doctors recriminate everything from the recession to toxins

    She adds: 'For months it felt like I'd disoriented my husband, but six months after starting the injections he was a new man. It was like having the Paul I first met back again.' Paul adds: 'It's plainly difficult for a man to admit he is having problems in ...

    Kim Kardashian's Euphoric Calorie Diet Is Revealed!

    Finish finally month, Miz Kardashian said that she was sticking to a sturdy diet and slammed rumors that she had gained ... Then when she was at the Italian restaurant Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills two times, a documentation revealed that the mom-to-be ate ...

    Jimmy Fallon to arrive Jay Leno as 'Tonight Show' host

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jimmy Fallon will scram over from veteran Jay Leno next year as host of the NBC flagship talk program "The Tonight Show," NBC said on Wednesday, bringing a younger have compassion for incline to the competitive late-night landscape on U.S ...

    Spondo Roars into North America

    Based in Beverly Hills , California, Howl with laughter will drive Spondo's expansion into ... with Spondo as it seeks to revolutionize the components streaming business. This is a new business model that will in all probability shape the industry for years to come, and I am looking ...

    'Joyousness' Star Alex Newell Plays His R In A Unique Way

    Alex Newell co-stars on "Good spirits" as Wade, a transgender teenager who prefers to go by the personage "Unique." [GOOGLE + HANGOUT] In his new comedy curious, Christopher Titus says he would never use the parley ‘retard' to describe a disabled person, but… Val ...

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